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Version: 2.12

Online Boutique

Online Boutique is an e-commerce demo application by Google consisting of 11 separate microservices. In this demo, Constellation automatically sets up a load balancer on your CSP, making it easy to expose services from your confidential cluster.

Online Boutique - Web UI
  1. Create a namespace:
    kubectl create ns boutique
  2. Deploy the application:
    kubectl apply -n boutique -f
  3. Wait for all services to become available:
    kubectl wait --for=condition=available --timeout=300s -n boutique --all deployments
  4. Get the frontend's external IP address:
    $ kubectl get service frontend-external -n boutique | awk '{print $4}'
    (<your-ip> is a placeholder for the IP assigned by your CSP.)
  5. Enter the IP from the result in your browser to browse the online shop.